convert + css sprite maker + thumbnail + minify + bundle + gzip + optimize + qr code maker + API + console = is a dead simple free REST API and online console that makes development easier - and PageSpeed smile :)

  • Deliver optimized content without code and server burden.
  • Thumbnail, scale, crop, convert and optimize images.
  • Minify, bundle and gzip CSS or Javascript files into on-the-fly asset pipelines.
  • Generate and read QR codes.
  • CSS sprite sheet maker and conversion.
  • Technology neutral - Freely available online console and via Javascript, Ruby, PHP, .net, command line, etc.
  • Your code and images are never stored or read!

online console api reference is a simple REST API that uses GET parameters to specify the operations to perform, and POST file uploads to provide the assets to work on.

The current v1 end-point is

For example, POSTing a PNG image to the following URL:

will first convert the uploaded image to a JPEG, then crop it's width to 100px, and lastly optimize the resulting JPEG (optimize should generally go last).

NOTE: Operations are performed in the order in which they are defined and ordering can be important.

Uploading files is done by using standard POST file uploads. See Uploading Files for details, but in short, each file should be in a field named files0, files1, etc.

See API for details on what operations can be performed.

Here are some curl examples:

Upload 1 PNG image, crop width to 50px, and optimize:

 curl -F "" "" -o test.png

Upload 8 PNG images, generate a CSS sprite sheet, and output as a GIF:

 curl -v -F "files0=@css-icon.png" -F "files1=@docx-win-icon.png" -F "files2=@html-icon.png" \
         -F "files3=@pdf-icon.png" -F "files4=@pptx-win-icon.png" -F "files5=@text-icon.png" \
         -F "files6=@xlsx-win-icon.png" -F "files7=@zip-icon.png" \
         "" -o sprite-sheet.gif

Upload 3 CSS files, bundle in the order specified, minify the result:

curl -F "files0=@bootstrap.min.css" -F "files1=@jquery-ui-1.10.3.custom.css" \
     -F "files2=@site-styles.css" "" -o bundle.min.css
NOTE: Existing minified CSS is added to the bundle but otherwise untouched.

Upload 4 Javascript files, bundle in order, minify, gzip:

curl -F "files0=@html5shiv.js" -F "files1=@respond.min.js" -F "files2=@selectivizr.min.js" \
     -F "files3=@site-styles.css" "" -o bundle.js.gz
NOTE: Some Javascript files - especially those already minified - may have syntax errors. Such files are skipped and added to the bundle untouched.

Upload 2 CSS files, minify, gzip the result:

curl -F "files0=@bootstrap.min.css" -F "files1=@site-styles.css" \
     "" -o bundle.min.css.gz

Generate a QR code PNG from a string:

curl -v "" -o qr-code.png
NOTE: No files are uploaded and this can be a POST or a GET. The qrencode query string parameter contains the content to encode, which should itself be URL encoded.

NOTE: If you have sample code in your language of choice, please contact us and we'll include it here.


ENHANCEMENT 2015-11-01

Updated CSS minify backend to preserve CSS's calc() whitespace.

ENHANCEMENT 2014-11-11

The API has added sprite maker support for generating CSS sprite sheets from multiple images.

ENHANCEMENT 2014-10-29

Added the info operation for retrieving image details such as dimensions and resolution.

ENHANCEMENT 2014-09-24

The API now supports QR code maker and reader operations.

ENHANCEMENT 2014-07-28

The online console for dynamic image thumbnail and manipulation is now available.

ENHANCEMENT 2014-06-04

An online console for CSS & Javascript API operations is now available.

The console displays the API calls it generates to help with debugging.

ENHANCEMENT 2014-05-31

Uploading Javascript with syntax errors will no longer cause an error.

It will be combined unchanged with the other files.

RELEASE v1 2014-05-27

First public release.


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